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A Cruise to Iceland and Greenland in August 2017 brought unexpectedly good opportunities for more seabird photography.   Fulmars were near constant companions, the birds following the ship and often in quite large numbers.   Also seen were occasional great shearwaters, plus a few gannets, kittiwakes, gulls and terns.


Bird Photography on a Cruise

1.   A fulmar above the sea flying on characteristic stiff wings

2.   A great shearwater in flight.   It is another tubenose bird related to the fulmar.

3.   A fulmar and great shearwater flying in line

4.   Arctic terns were seen overhead.

5.   and a kittiwake

6.   Fulmars are also found in a colour phase known as the blue fulmar, but in reality it is closer to a grey tone.   A few were seen on the cruise;  this one is flying low over the water  

7.   A fulmar in evening light

8.   As the sun set, there were many fulmars wheeling in the sky behind the ship


9.   An excursion to the Qooroq iceburg field at Tasiilaq, Greenland, found one iceburg with numerous glaucous gulls standing on top




10.   On the shore at Tasillaq, there were snow buntings