Hampton Court

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Kempton Park Pumping Station is a working station of Thames Water.   The listed engine house houses two magnificent Triple Expansion pumping engines built by Worthington Simpson of Newark and commissioned in 1929 as well as a pair of steam turbines by Fraser & Chalmers built in 1933.   The five Lilleshall triple expansions in the adjoining house were scrapped in 1968 and replaced by electric pumps which are still in service.

Views of the ground floor from the first floor gallery

The Gallery

Pressure gauges


Gear box

Vacuum pump

Baring mechanism


Baring Mechanism


LILLESHALL ENGINES - from the notice on the right

The original 1906 engine house contained 5 Lilleshall triple expansion engines.   Two of these lifted water into reservoirs at Kempton and three piped clean water to Finsbury Park and Cricklewood.   These engines were scrapped in 1968, but one of the governors was salvaged.   This has been restored to working order by members of the Sunday Volunteer Team

The engines are maintained and displayed by an enthusiastic group of volunteers, The Kempton Great Engines Trust, who have a website at http://www.kemptonsteam.org and produce some excellent descriptive booklets about the engines.   Open days are held regularly and details will be found on their website.

We had a look around Hampton Court too

Fritillaria imperialis flava


Tulip maybe 'Apricot beauty'


Triangular Trees

Train rides

Hampton Court & Fountain

Golden gates

Tudor chimneys

Spring bedding