Losehill 2007

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sacc weekend in derbyshire spring 2007

John and Ruth Capper

Peter and Helen Cullens

Peter Duncan

and Jean Johnston

enjoyed the weekend arranged by

Barrie and Gill Doar

There was a water vole collecting iris leaves, but it was camera shy

Losehill Hall   HC

Duck in the window   HC

Narcissus   HC

Speedwell and celandine   HC

Misty drive   HC

Over the fields   HC

Church and daffodil cross   HC

Café   HC

Castleton   PD

Peveril Castle, Castleton   PD

Peveril Castle   PC

Barns   HC

Homage to Richard Ross   HC

Towards Castleton   PD

The sheep were feeling the heat   PC

The path up Mam Tor - John Capper leading the way   HC   →

From Mam Tor   PC

Mam Tor   PD

Para glider   HC


←      We lined up overlooking this view on a natural grass bench and had our lunch.   The para gliders rode the thermals above our heads.

We waited for some time for a glider to take off, but conditions were never right for him to take the risk.   We saw several untidy landings.  

Bumpy landing     PC   

Field Stripes   PD

S-bend   PD

In Castleton   PC

Having been empowered by the walk to Mam Tor and some tea we rushed off to the mill stones which we had seen on a previous visit to the area in autumn.   This time the light was magnificent and the colours were intense.

Birches  HC

Padley Gorge   HC

Rocks   PC


We walked up the Lumsdale Valley from Barrie and Gill's House in Matlock.   Richard Arkwright's ruined mills with the waterfalls in the stream that powered the

Time for a drink   PC

Downstream   HC

Waterfall   HC

Matlock waterfall   PD


Matlock waterfall   PD

One piece bleach bath   PC

Torrent above, ruins below - HC

Farmyard   PC