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3 landmarks

10 North St. Cromford, Causeway House and the Pineapple

Click on the thumbnails to get a larger picture, then on on the top LHS of the screen to return to this page.

Most of the pictures were taken on a film camera and scanned.  

This sycamore tree growing by Hadrian's Wall was cut down by a vandal in September 2023;  these shots were taken in October 2006


from Heights of Abraham



Don't fall over


Unfortunate graffiti

The animals were friendly

Ducks in the market

Virginia creeper

Wirksworth's old cruck/crook frame house

Worksworth Church

At Millstone Edge

Crossed birches

Abandoned millstone

To the top storey - v. steep and standing at the top looking down

Bedroom at 10 North Street

Kitchen range

Sitting room

Alnwick Castle

Pictures of Hadrian's Wall taken in 1998 on a miserable day.  

Peter monarching

The sheep set off to cross the wall and managed it without difficulty

Coloured triangles

bardon mill

Causeway House with a heather roof

Field behind

We went to Vindolanda - a Roman settlement on the Wall.   Shopping lists were found preserved by the peat, giving some insights into domestic life.

Fountain from the same source as in Roman times


to Hareshaw Linn

Fuzzy but a red squirrel


At the lunch stop

Rustic bridge

The waterfall- very overexposed


The Angel of the North

Gateshead Millennium Bridge

A heavier bridge

Gateshead Millennium Bridge

Armadillo - Gateshead

Gateshead Millennium bridge again

Bas reliefs to illustrate the song

The Keel Row

As I came thro' Sandgate,

Thro' Sandgate, thro' Sandgate,

As I came thro' Sandgate,

I heard a lassie sing:

'O, weel may the keel row,

The keel row, the keel row,

O weel may the keel row

That my laddie's in.'

World's first and only tilting bridge.   We did not see it tilt.   Times for tilting are on the web

the pineapple

Inside the Pineapple

From the back lawn

The living accommodation was on the left and the bedrooms on the right.   The loo was with the bedrooms

Narrow boats on the canal

These enlarge enough to read easily
the falkirk wheel  A wonderful mechanism, we went on a short trip from the pool at the bottom up to the canal at the top.   The barge was very near to the sides of the caisson whilst we were on the wheel.

First glimpse of the Wheel

It's a a big bird

Canal on supports

Travellers on the barge

View through the front of the boat

In the tunnel

Supported canal

Barges waiting to use the lift

Circles reflected

Inside the Pineapple with high key treatment - ceiling on the right

From the garden

With glow

Old Stirling Gatehouse

The Wallace Memorial

I called this picture 'Aliens', which must be appropriate as there is a flying saucer leaving the area.   In reality it was a sculpture on a roundabout near a supermarket in Livingstone.

rosslyn chapel

little devil

the stone is soft and crumbly just like Edinburgh rock

Flying buttresses

Steps to garden door

A picture of the Pineapple from the front.