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baslow weekend

October 29th - 31st, 2010

Weekend at the Devonshire Arms, Baslow

Adrian Slimmon AS     Ruth Capper RC     Peter Cullens PJC     Gill Doar  
John Capper JC Helen Cullens HC Barrie Doar BD Peter Duncan PD

The Cappers and the Cullens drove up slowly along the A1 and A1M stopping at Denton in Lincolnshire, Belvoir and Bottesford in Leicestershire and Staunton in the Vale in Nottinghamshire where they had a cup of coffee on the way to Newark on Trent also in Nottinghamshire.


The name comes from the Old English dene+tun meaning 'village in the valley' 


St. Andrew's Church Denton - HC


Side altar Denton - JC


Madonna - PJC

Tomb, Denton - HC


This gargoyle is eating or spewing out a dragon - PJC

Green Man - PJC


belvoir   The only view of the castle above right was across a meadow and the weather was not quite as lovely as it appears here. 


The village was built around the river Devon (pronounced Dee-von) and was named because of the ford at the centre of the village. The village has a large medieval church, St. Mary's, which has the highest spire in Leicestershire (at 212 feet) and is the burial place of the Dukes of Rutland. One of the Rutland tombs is famous for its inscription, which attributes a death to witchcraft by the Witches of Belvoir.  Most of the church is 15th century but the chancel was rebuilt in the 17th century to accommodate the Rutland monuments. The monuments completely fill the chancel and offer a fascinating view of changing aristocratic taste in the 16th and 17th centuries. From Wikipedia

Ford and Bridge on the Devon with Peter, Ruth and Helen - JC John on the Bridge and St. Mary the Virgin Church - HC

Inside the church - JC

Yorick - PJC


Showing the roof - HC 



Griffin - HC


Tomb - JC   The figures at the base are children


Piled High - HC


Lion - HC


Crosses - JC


We parked in Morrison's car park and Ruth stayed in the car

Rainbow Doors - PJC


From the South - JC


Newark Castle, a panorama made from 3 pictures - HC


Bandstand - PJC


Newark Market - JC


Newark Castle - JC


Canal at Newark - JC

Relief map of Newark with Braille - HC


The village has three parts;  Bridge End, Nether End and Over End

Hotel - AS


Ballroom and rug selling room - AS

We had a look at the Church and the medieval bridge before setting off to Bakewell on Sunday morning

Autumn at Baslow - JC




Medieval Bridge, Baslow - HC


River Wye, Baslow - JC


Baslow Churchyard - JC

Umbelliferous seedhead

haddon hall

Medieval and Tudor Hall the home of the Manners Family who allow photographs to be taken inside and out - a wonderfully enlightened attitude.


Approach - PD



Gardener's Cottage - top RC

and below JC



From the 'ramparts' - HC


Long-time resident - RC


Ouch! Don't sit - RC




Reredos - JC


Reredos - PD

Conspirators - PJC


Candles -PD


Light and Shade - PD


Tomb - HC


Chapel - PD




Long Gallery, showing the magnificent ceiling - JC


Long Room - PD


Roman Doorway - PJC




Boar - HC



Garden - AS

Variety of hawthorn with large berries and bluish leaves - HC


Asplenium trichomanes in the wall - HC




Gallery window - PJC



Gargoyle - PJC

We had an excellent lunch in the Café, some of us tried a new beer.

Cafe - PJC

Home of the panes in the windows in the gallery were badly fitted which was apparently a sign of 'wealth'


Silver aspen leaves - HC

River Wye Haddon - JC


Wye Valley - JC

Bikers visiting Grindleford

padley chapel & grindleford

We parked some way from the station and walked down the wooded valley.




Totley Tunnel Entrance - AS


Suddenly we heard a train and grabbed a shot as it rumbled out of the tunnel - HC

Construction of Totley Tunnel

Throughout the nineteenth century there were several plans to improve the link between the large industrial cities of Sheffield and Manchester by road, canal and railway. Eventually the 1884 Dore and Chinley Act (of Parliament) saw the incorporation of a company for the construction of a new railway line, running from Dore & Totley station, itself opened in 1872, to Chinley. But it was not until June 1894 that it was ready for the first passenger traffic.

The greatest achievement of this railway was the construction of the Totley tunnel - 3 miles and 950 yards long. In October 1888, work began at both Totley and Grindleford. The line of the tunnel had been set out from three high points - Bradway Summit, the moor above the tunnel and on Sir William Hill, Grindleford. A line was laid out on the ground and small shafts were bored at intervals. The line and depth of the tunnel was established by suspending weighted wires, of known length, down shafts and by the use of a theodolite at the headings. The accuracy of this method was such that when the headings met, the centre line was only 4 ˝" out of line horizontally and 2 1/4" vertically. Frank Smith




Cement Train - PJC


Berries - HC

We walked along parallel to the railway line to the Chapel. There was a fine signal box.

Picture on right by Stephen Horncastle from the web



Padley Chapel - JC

Padley Chapel - AS




A pair of rather primitive angels embellishing the beams supporting the roof HC


Barrie had arrange for one of the guides to come in and give us a history of the chapel and the story of the martyrs.

It was very interesting and added greatly to the experience.


Stained Glass - PD



Model - HC

The finding of the altar - HC


Wall hanging - HC

A Bishop's Memorial? - HC


Modern glass showing the Martyrs - HC




Group inside the Chapel - RC


Ruins of Manor House - RC


Chickens - PD

Padley Chapel

baslow edge

We were met by highland cattle which were quite tolerant, but began to growl if the photographers were too impertinent. Helen was pushed, but no one snapped it.










Curbar - JC

Curbar Edge - PD

On Baslow Edge - JC

Highland cows were happy to pose -PD






Profile - PJC


Climber - AS


Through the rocks - AS

Petrified Turtle! - JC


From Baslow Edge - 7 pictures stitched together - HC

We left Baslow after breakfast and drove through the back roads to look for pictures. It was very misty, but we saw a fine tree and stopped to take a few shots up and down the road.

Misty landscape - AS



 Above Handley Bottom - JC

Monochrome version - HC


Traditional Bakewell pudding


Adrian bought a Bakewell tart with a cherry on top.



The Style House - HC

We stopped on our way to lunch in Tansley at Bakewell and bought some 'genuine' puddings available in many different shops.   One of the genuine Bakewell pudding outlets - PJC


Austria comes to Bakewell - RC

Genuine sausages and gluewein on sale at the Tiroler Stuberl


 The Royal Oak in Tansley provided a memorable quality lunch, thoroughly recommended by us all.


Adrian had time before his train to photograph the twisted spire of Chesterfield Church.   It is the largest church in Derbyshire and a Grade 1 listed building.