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Weekend in Derbyshire with the St. Albans Camera Club from 26th - 28th October 2012

based at Alison House, Cromford

More pictures by the Peters at http://fands.org.uk/1.DUNCAN_Cromford.htm and http://www.pjspictures.me.uk/1.PJP_Derby.htm

gps Baslow Edge


for a slideshow of the countryside

We intended to visit Curbar Edge stopping for a barn along the way.   Once at Curbar we thought Baslow Edge more appealing.   It was very cold indeed and we wore all our pullovers and gloves.

Barn by Clodhall Lane

Dull day

Curbar Edge more promising

From Baslow Edge

The light kept changing


Baslow Edge

Maybe there were Highland cattle about

Below the Edge

Dry stone wall snaking across the moor

Windswept trees


Moor from above

Highland Cow

Wonderful sky


More Edge

PJ looking cold

Face on the cliff

Baslow Edge

Baslow Edge

Highland cattle

Light in the grasses

Golden tree

Blaeberries and probably lots of alternate names

Vaccinium vitis idea flower and fruit

Highland cattle

We left as the light was going

Cromford long view

We went out early on Saturday morning around Cromford

The definitive shot

From the front

Morning light on the swans

Frost on the back window and 'snow' on a bonnet

Thunbergia alata




Embellishments at the Boat Inn

We did not see any

Chris showed us Beresford Dale


View from our parking place

Some handsome pines

Peter chimping

Woods by the Dove

Bridge over the Dove

Bracket fungus


Barn through the trees

We all loved this row of trees

White or dead tree





Golden tree

Light on the trees

More light in the leaves

Peter D and I climbed up the cliff to take this shot down the valley.   Unfortunately one still does not get a very good feeling of the height.   The descent was very hard on the seat of the pants!!

Carboniferous limestone

We looked around Wirksworth (the GPS was off)


Halloween was big in the town

Turrets and gargoyles around the roof of the Old Grammar School

Maple leaves

St. Mary's Church


We had an excellent cup of tea and snack in a tea shop

Gino the marmalade cat

 and then Middleton Top (below)






Website above not finished

I love silver birches


We had a last look around Cromford on Sunday morning.

Gardens of North Street

North Street

Horse trough

White cat

Pig sty

Laundry area for villagers - probably no longer used!!

Padlocks on Arkwright's Mill

Buildings at the Canal


Reflections in the canal


Reflections in the canal

Colours in the rock

Train in the window

The back of the Arkwright Mill - not quite as smart as the front

Kitchen table at Hardwick with Peter's camera

http://pjspictures.me.uk/1.PJP_Derby2.htm for pictures of our visit to Hardwick Hall and more aspects of the above locations

http://fands.org.uk/1.DUNCAN_Cromford.htm for Peter Duncan's pictures