Picos de Europa

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Saturday & Sunday

5 & 6.6.10

We travelled from Stanstead to Asturias on an airbus, Annette and Richard were also on it.   Teresa met us and we were joined by Ketil and Irene and Ross and Margaret.  We set off on the 3 hour drive to Potes.   On the way we stopped to see our first orchids and some locals playing a game like boulles.   The mountains remained shrouded in clouds.

Serapias cordigera - heart flowered orchid

Serapias cordigera  by Richard 


Lamium maculatum - Spotted Deadnettle

Ophrys apifera


Woodcock orchid

Ophrys scolopax - Woodcock orchid

Rio Cares


Teresa had put out a moth trap over night and we enjoyed seeing what was lurking in the egg boxes.   Taking pictures was difficult as the light was low and most of the insects unco-operative.

Brimstone Moth

Southern Pine Hawkmoth - Sphinx maurorum

Lesser Puss Moth - cerura erminea.    Fascinating pussy faces and paws

Cream Spot Tiger Moth

Digger Wasp

This little piece of silver birch twig is a moth!

It was wet and foggy on our side of the mountains so we chased some better conditions.  

Spanish Gorse - Genista hispanica ssp. occidentalis

Helianthemum appeninum ssp. cantabricum

Duke of Burgundy

Meadow full of flowers

Dactylorhiza incarnata - Early Marsh Orchid

Trollius europeus - globeflower

Caltha palustris - marsh marigold

Mountain Dappled White - Euchloe simplonia.   Richard found it and Teresa was quite excited

Geranium sylvaticum

Libelloides coccajus a amusing little insect that appeared to do star jumps...

Valeriana pyrenaica

Iberian Grizzled Skipper - Pyrgus malvoides

Hoary Plantain - Plantago media

Viola bubanii - Violet mountain pansy

The Gang botanising with the clouds coming down

Musk Thistle - Carduus nutans

Euphorbia hibernia

Phyteuma spicatum

Orchis ustulata - Burnt orchid

Ranunculus aconitifolius

Clouded Yellow - Colias crocea

Biscutella laevigata

Orchis mascula

Pinguicula grandiflora

Geranium sylvaticum

Pentaglottis sempervirens

Green winged orchid - Orchis morio

Lake with some of the trees standing in the water


Erodium sp.

Cardaria draba


We went up to rockier ground

Lathyrus pannonicus


Scorzonera aristata


Hellebore foetidus

Linum narbonense

Filipendula vulgaris - Dropwort


Ornitholgalum umbellatum

Vicia onobrychioides

Rock Garden

Sedum and Erinus

Aglaope infausts - caterpillar of the almond-tree leaf skeletonizer moth

Rosa pimpinellifolia

Linum suffruticosum

Saxifraga cuneata

Early Spider orchid - Ophrys sphegodes

Fritillary genus melitaea


Early Spider orchid

Vicia cracca

Cistus salvifolius

Bee orchid

Malva moschata

Cricket because of the long antennae

Caterpillar on mullein - possibly a fritillary?

Male Adonis Blue

Arnaria montana with bee fly


Ragged robin

Dactylorhiza maculata

Iberian water frog

Oberthür’s Grizzled Skipper - Pyrgus armoricanus

Charismatic little insect

Sooty Copper - Lycaena tityrus

I proved my waterproof trousers and boots were up to the job by falling off a tuffet into a boggy area, Peter had to pull me upright or I would have sunk...

San Salvador de Cantamuda

A tenth century church