Picos de Europa

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The note said where the key could be found.

The Church of Santa Eulalia in Barrio de Santa Maria

Adam and Eve on the capital.   We battled through the rain in our waterproofs to look at the old church.   The wind blew our umbrellas inside out.

We saw a black-veined white butterfly near the church, but otherwise very few insects were about.

We went back to the mini bus

Lizard orchid in a rainy meadow

Early Spider Orchids - Ophrys sphegodes

Safflower Skipper - Pyrgus carthamii

Ophrys lutea

Sainfoin - Onobrychis viciifolia


We had a warming coffee in a caff in Aguila da Campoo.   Annette kindly  carrying some cups.   Ross and Irene refused to put up with the smoky atmosphere 

Teresa failed to find us as we were in the wrong part of town...

Following pictures taken with my snapper not under the best of conditions

Along Rio Pisuerga near Mave


Daboecia cantabrica

Picnic area by a fisherman's hut

Iris pseudacorus

French lavender surviving in the damp

Silene colorata

Erica umbellata


Bridge over the river

We had our picnic lunch in the restaurant attached to the Santa Maria de Mave monastery.   It had a modern streamlined decor and magnificent loos.

Unclear label on some wholemeal bread with a grassy tasting additive

Monastery Church



Bee-eater holes - we saw a bird leave its hole



We went home a bit earlier than usual to get organised