Picos de Europa

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Monday 7.6.10


Our room and the view from the window about 7 am

We started the day with a look at the moth trap


Spanish Tiger moth - Hyphoraia dejeani

Peppered Moth - Biston betularia

More stunning camouflage


Checking and snapping the moths before breakfast - Teresa listed all the moths caught in the trap.  There were some great tits that were very interested in helping out with the moths

View from the terrace

Small Elephant Hawkmoth

Purple Bar - Cosmorhoe ocellata

Posada Del Hoyal

Bituminaria bituminosa

Pallenis spinosa

Himantoglossum hircinum - Lizard Orchid

Around Potes

We walked around the old part of Potes and Margaret bought some sausage and cheese for her daughter.

A lot of sitting is done

Some of the roofs are characterful

Tourist trap

What is going on here?

Erigeron karvinskianus an escapee

Plane tree

We went up in the cable car at Fuente De to see the alpine rock plants

Views from the top of the cable car


Lithodora diffusa

Matthiola perennis

Gentiana angustifolia ssp. corbariensis

Ranunculus gramineus


Gentiana verna ssp verna

Ranunculus amplexicaulis

Viola rupestris

Scilla verna

Globularia nudicaulis


Androsace villosa

Valeriana tuberosa

Chough demanding food with menaces by Richard

Alpine chough a number of them helped us out with our lunch

Anthyllis vulneraria

Myosotis alpestris

A hairy plant trapping the dew

Ranunculus amplexicaulis

Thymelaea sp.

Silene acaulis and a detailed view showing the flowers

Female Eurranthis plummistaria

Narcissus asturiensis

Another female Eurranthis plummistaria.   I saw males but could not snap one


Daphne laureola

Saxifraga dedeana

Saxifraga felineri - a Picos endemic

Saxifraga felineri - a Picos endemic

Sedum conifera

Our lunch spot

Alpine Newt



Alpine Accentor - a Lothario amongst birds

Southern Chamois / Isard


The Pyrenean Chamois is a goat antelope.   Isard is the French name  http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Pyrenean_Chamois


 Isard cooling off in the snow by Richard

Mountain tarn

Linaria alpina

Iberis carnosa

Richard, Annette and Teresa

Those who waited to see the wall creeper were rewarded and Ketil took a very good picture.

On the way back to the cable car

Home on the cable car