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Set off for Heathrow at 11.50;  no holdups so arrived 30 mins later.    20 min. taxiing for the Airbus A319 before the 40 min flight to Schiphol where there was another 20 min taxiing!!     Met up with others from our party;  moved our luggage ourselves and waited around for the Air Maroc plane, a Boeing 737- 800, to Al Hoceima.   We set off at 20.10 local time.   A 'record breakingly' awful meal on the plane...  


Lot of waiting on arrival at the Airport, but eventually we were in a large and comfortable minibus on the way to the Mohammed V Hotel.

Excellent suite, but no chairs for overnight clothes, but a bath big enough to swim in.   A salad meal was laid out for us.   The wind is strong and blew all night.



The bath was massive and took ages to fill but after such a tiring day it was a pleasure to lie in it.   The bed was three pillows wide.



Breakfast was croissant and excellent orange juice and strong coffee.   Peter had an omellette and a crepe though he did not order the latter.    Set off at 9.30;   changed currency at the bank, then drove round the coast road stopping to see plants, then to the East to Imzuren and beyond to botanise.  

Views from the Mohammed V Hotel balcony.   The wind was blowing very strongly off the sea.   The trees are eucalypts

Al Hoceima is a modern town.   Mohammed V1 is much in evidence.

Trees, flower below, were planted along the street

We drove along the coast road at Talla Yousef


Cullens snapping by Nora

Fagonia cretica

Astericus maritimus

Galactites tomentosa


Asphodelus fistulosa



Iris filifolia

The Irises were on the limestone pavement at Izemmouien with some tulipa sylvestris which were in bud

Gladiolus italicus

Fedia cornucopia

Blackstonia perfoliata

Village across the wadi

endemic daisy Perralderia paui formerly known as Fonqueria paui


Small cultivated fields at the edge of the wadi

Aristolochia baetica



Olive trees

Echium plantagineum

Prasium majus

The Gang at lunch by Nora

Had lunch in the ruins of quarry and possibly lime kilns.   Good lunch tomatoes, olives and hot spiced mackerel with plate sized flattish bread.

Ononis laxiflora 

Tetragonolobus purpurea


Pistacia lenticus

Grass Eggar caterpillar (Lasiocampa trifolii)

Named through:  Florin Feneru
Identification and Advisory Service
Angela Marmont Centre for UK Biodiversity
The Natural History Museum, Cromwell Road, London SW7 5BD, U.K.
+44 (0)20 7942 5045


Astragalus echinatus


Melilotus indica

Ophrys speculum

Silene colorata

More flowers until it rained enough to soak all but Margaret who had put on waterproof trousers.   Had a final look at an impressive and threatening view, but were so blown about we retreated into the van and came home.   The King's Gendarme stopped us and took away Stephan's passport filling out a report and asking him lots of questions.   Eventually after a small contribution to the doughnut fund we carried on.  

Thymus algeriensis

Anthericum liliago


Yomping in the wet by Nora

Ononis natrix

Lobularia maritima

Periploca angustifolia and its pods like a buffalo's horns


Red-striped Oil Beetle (Meloe majalis)   Berberomeloe majalis is the new name


Reseda album

Ricinus communis

The sheep are not as flighty as the European ones;  these gave me a good stare, but did not move away.

Arrived home for hot baths and a snooze.   Dinner was a spicy chick pea soup, chicken tagine and a synthetic roulade.   We tried some very expensive wine.  

Serviced batteries and sorted out the kit.