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Woke at six having had an adequate amount of sleep, we were first at breakfast again.    Anwar had cleaned the windows on the minibus so the photographers were pleased.   Set off to Al Hoceima National Park where we picked up Loafi from the road by his house.   Set off along a dirt track for a bit then left the bus for a walk.   It was warm and soon we were carrying our outer clothes.  

Papaver hybridum

Herdsboy and haystacks

Helianthemum appeninum

Anagallis monelli

Haystack part used

Almond - Prunus communis


Cynoglossum cheirifolium

Neatostema apula

Lichen on a prickly pear

Prickly pear skeleton

Wasp's nest on prickly pear


Tolpis barbata

Cistus clusii

We walked down to the wadi through the rocks;  Nora and I fell down a couple of times as the clay was wet in places, but the cameras were unhurt...   We saw some goats and the goatherds two pretty girls who let us take photographs and who also snapped us.   Nora found a small tortoise which everyone else had walked past.   We walked on spotting dragonflies and butterflies and some excellent plants especially a viola arborescens.   We criss-crossed the stream, wobbling on the rocks.   Loafi liked to put in stepping stones.    My bag was getting heavier in the heat and a short stop in the shade was a life saver...

Caralluma hesperidum

  Flower from   www.kaktusmert20.tripod.com

Guide Loafi

Flowers of the chapeau are not to scale!!

Crassula tillaea

Thapsia transtagana

Cytinus hypocistus - parasite on cistus roots


We also saw some beetles rolling dung, but as I had not worked out how to use the movie mode, I missed out

The snack bag kept us going

Cliffs at the side of the wadi

Viola arborescens

Convolvulus althaeoides

The river bed was cracked by the sun and crunched sharply when walked over

Bellis sylvestris

Hippocrepis mult isiliquosa

Centaurea sphaerocephala

Sedum sediforme



Mullein moth caterpillar


Sonchus masguindalii

Plantago coronopus

Green hairstreak


Teucrium polium and detail of the flowers




Common blue

Tetragonolobos maritimus

It's a camel rock!!

Nicotiana glauca

Approaching the sea

We eventually arrived at the sea and looked in on Bades Womens Co-operative who were making honey and casserole pot covers.   The Spanish enclave is El Penon de Velez de la Gomera.   We drove for some distance and arrived for lunch at 5 pm!!   It was at the

Gite Rurale Jnane

much patronised by the great and good with photos to prove it.   The salad was exceptional - best food of the trip so far.   (and best food of the whole trip)   The chicken dish was also excellent being wonderfully well seasoned.

Polygonum maritinum


We arrived home again at 7.45 and some of the party managed a portion of the evening meal which was not as good as the gite's.   More wine which helped.   Slept well again