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H was awake all night;  there was a lot of noise.   At 4.50 the muezzin bellowed, something boomed and the cocks crowed;  after 10 mins or so it quietened down and the dogs barked.   Lots of bird song mainly the warbling sort nightingales according to Margaret.   Got up and went down to breakfast early.   Coffee, crumpets, muffins and pancakes on offer with olives, tapenade, jam, honey, goat cheese and cream;  also excellent orange juice.

Calycatome infesta

Gladioli in the meadow

Borago officinalis

Eruca sativa

Erodium cicutarium

Euphorbia helioscopia

Lupinus angustifolia

Misopates orontium

Linum bienne




Moroccan hairstreak

Set off to the reservoir and walked around;  then on to the gorge with hydroelectric plant which had been damaged by a landslip and is defunct.   No one died in the disaster.   We had lunch, a tomato, lettuce and goat's cheese - very young and mild;  followed by fruit.  

Erodium cicutarium var primulaceum

Sides of the gorge

Rupicapnos africana

Umbilicus rupestris


Fritillaria lusitanica

Ophrys fusca

Aceras anthropophorum - man orchid

Aristolochia baetica

Unhatched preying mantis egg case

Teucrium fruticans

Oxalis pes-caprae

Cistus albidus

Ranunculus macrophyllus

Cistus salvifolius

I took far too many pictures of them, but they are so lovely...

Arum baeticum again

Fumaria capreolata

Peach tree overlooking the stream

Rosemary and lithodora

Hedera moroccana

Mountain troll

Coronilla scorpioides

Viola riviniana

Rhodanthemum laouense, an endemic plant with a very limited range

In the afternoon we went down by the river;   Our Guide thought this rock looked like a basking shark

Saxifraga granulata

Polygala webbiana

Above and below the salt

centaurium erythraea subsp. grandiflorum

Allium subvillosum

Silene gallica

Family with their dogs

Centaurea pullata

Orobanche racemosa

 Orobanche cernua

We saw some stone curlews and a harrier by the sea.

View of Chefchaouen as we returned from the day's botanising