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Went into the Rif Mountains to the Talassenijane National Park in four-wheel drive vehicles as the roads were a bit exciting..  

A holly thicket where we found cephalaria longifolium

Evax pygmaea

Valerianella microcarpa

I wanted to take a mini movie of this chap and his ball of dung, but did not know how to set up the camera...Shortly after another beetle stole the prize and beetled off with it. 



Centaurea pullata

Raffenaldia primuloides

Habitat of the narcissus

Narcissus cantabricus

Some handsome rocks and lichen

Draba hispanica

Pinus pinea

Daphne laureola

 Lunch barbequed sardines

Abies maroccana

We take 4 Wheel drives as far as they will go up a snowy path, but have to leave them when the path is too difficult.   Walked through the snow which was deep in places.   The snow seemed to be supporting ones weight then one would suddenly sink down more deeply into the snow   

Walk through the woods looking for peonies.   Ground and trees encrusted with moss.   Enormous galls on the wood's floor.   Rather a spooky atmosphere...

Picture of the plant in full flower by Nora.

Paeonia coriacea in the sun and in the shade, but not yet open

Peter slips, bloody head wound, also a cut thumb;  loses consciousness a couple of times, but after excellent first aid by our leaders and the rest of the group, manages to get back to the 4 wheel drive.   This has some transmission problems on the journey home so we transfer to a Mercedes taxi which delivers us to accident and emergency.   We are seen quickly;  stitches are put in and back to the hotel.  

Mohammed's Brother was waiting at the hospital and was very helpful;  he also kindly delivered the medication to the hotel.   Everyone very efficient Peter feeling pained but not too bad.   Wounds to be seen on Monday and stitches out in 10 days at home.

Our accommodation at Darechchaouen