The Lycian Coast

Wednesday 2nd April

We went out before breakfast to take some pictures in the town.    We were shown round by a dog.   The dogs have a tag in their ears to indicate that they have been neutered, most of them do not have owners, but manage on food put out for them.   It is the same for the cats, but they do not seem to be neutered and we saw some pregnant ones...

Fruiting prickly pear

Old fashioned houses

Rubber tree

Datura suaveolens - Angel's trumpet

The Mosque

We  walked from the hotel along the coast past the theatre to look for Ophrys Ferdinand Coburgii.   We found a reasonable specimen which delighted the orchid enthusiasts.

Ophrys Ferdinand Coburgii


Arum dioscoridis

Oleander seeds


Ricinus communis

Gladiolus italicus

We then set off in the minibus for Sinekcibelli Pass winding up the mountain on a very precipitous road.   We stopped to search for plants from time to time and had a picnic before more plants then returned home via a different route.  


Aubretia canescens

Viola kitaibeliana

Fritillaria kitanae

Fritillaria carica

Alyssum minus

Veronica lycica

V. v, small flowers

Lamium garganicum

Muscari neglectum

Euphorbia kotschyana?

Gagea granatelli

Corydalis wendelboi?

Cyclamen alpinum

Cedar fruit


Viola kitaibeliana

Tri-striped Lizard

Anemone Blanda

Gagea granatelli

Anemone blanda

Anemone blanda

Scilla bifolia

Corydalis wendelboi?

Euphorbia in a dung heap


Anemone blanda

Ornithogalum armeniacum

Cyclamen alpinum

Ranunculus ficaria


Iris unguicularis carica

Orchis anatolica

Pierre and best boy

I went to buy pomegranate ‘vinegar’ with Seda in Kas.   Lists followed by dinner.   We had enjoyed the Hideaway Hotel very much.


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