The Lycian Coast

Saturday 5th April

Took pictures of the hotel before we left

Sitting area outside the front door

Spiral staircase to the restaurant


Hotel entrance

View over the harbour - ground level

Spiral staircase

The cat showed me the way



Lantana along the roadside

View over the harbour from the restaurant

We drove to the final hotel stopping on the way at Belen and Andrasan for the tulips.  



Ophrys lyciensis / minoa?

Orchis anatolica

Pollen beetle

Ophrys umbilicata

Orchis anatolica in variety

St Benedict's thistle - cnicus benedictus

Anemone with pollen beetle and bee

Graveyard habitat

Ophrys straussii

Papaver gracilis (endemic)

Papaver with cricket

Tulipa orphanidea



Tulipa orphanidea

Tulipa orphanidea

Tulipa orphanidea

A bank of tulips at Andrasan

Orobanche crenata

Varied ducks

Fritillaria acmopetala acmopetala

Cistus salvifolius

Ophrys mammosa


Ophrys mammosa

Ophrys mammosa


Orchis coriophora


Peter and another dog

This cat was licking the asphodel leaves whilst we had our picnic at Olympos (Tahtali)

Limodorum abortivum

Cyclamen leaves

Typical terrain

These peas should be all over the hillside!

On the way back to the bus Peter did a spectacular roll down a bank.   Two sticks have been written off…  

In the afternoon we walked up a steep pathway at Chimera to see a rock slope with small basin like areas in which gas was burning naturally.   After giving lots of advice as how to avoid falling down H did a hands down on the steps down from the flames twice.   The stones were slippery.


These notices enlarge

Some appealing views along the way

The eternal flames

A German barbecuing

Lined up behind Pierre

Settled in at the lodge style hotel and enjoyed some easy chairs and a log fire.   We tried some rather harsh Turkish wine and had a meal of lentil soup;  courgette fritters, celery roots and a carrot salad;  beef stew with vegetables and rice;  the pudding was pumpkin in syrup.   The soup was outstanding.  


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