The Lycian Coast

Monday 7th April

We spent the day on the other side of Mount Olympos / Tahtalidag;  going up in an ancient jeep on a narrow boulder strewn road.   The weather was good and the mountain air sweet.   We found the plants that we expected to see, but not in great quantities.   We had a picnic in an idyllic spot and came down enjoying more hairy moments on the road.   We stopped on the way to the hotel for two more species the aroid which for me is the plant of the trip if not the year and a enchanting helleborine.   It was a really good last day.

Olympos Mountain Lodge

Olympos Mountain Lodge before the sun is up

Our veranda

Goat and kid


Desirable residence


Automatic door

The Olympos Mountain Lodge

Jeeps lined up to take tourists up the mountain

Doronicum orientale

Paeonia mascula

Orchis anatolicus

Picnic site

Ornithogalum umbellatum

Ranunculus cadmicus

Anemone blanda

Massive plane tree


Massive plane tree


Anchusa leptophylla?

Barbarea verna

Scilla bifolia

Phil and Seda at the picnic site

Colchicum sp.

Ornithogalum nutans

Snowy mountain

Crocus biflorus isuaricus

Crocus biflorus isuaricus

Galanthus elwesii

Anemone blanda

Geranium tuberosum

Valeriana dioscoridis

Astragalus lusitanicus

Gynandiris sisyrinchium

Umbilicus erectus

Aristolochia lycica


Colutea melanocalyx - Bladder Senna

Euphorbia dendroides

Strawberry tree

Rocks in the river in the Kemer Valley

Ophrys climacis


Cephalanthera kurdica

Seda plant spotting

Ophrys climacis

Cephalanthera kurdica

A change of weather may be coming!   There was some rain on our trip in the minibus.

We rose early about 4 GB time and went to the Airport to catch the first of our planes to Istanbul, then we had a wait before the London plane.   We arrived home at 4.45 having been collected by taxi, which was a painless way to end the day.   The cats were pleased to see us.  Started on the washing...


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