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Ready for breakfast 

Eremostachys laciniata

Astragalus aduncus

Crambe orientalis


Eremostachys moluccelloides

Tragopogon hybrid



Papaver persicum the petals are very fragile and have often fallen off by morning so we were lucky

Stipa flowers in the mini bus


Hyocyamus reticulatus

Egyptian henbane

Iris paradoxa

detail Iris paradoxa


We drove up to the top of the Guzeldere Pass - an area near to the border where we had to surrender our passports to the Turkish Soldiers in the outpost.  

We were not permitted to look for Tulipa koyuncii which was in an area which was out of bounds.   The tulip is either yellow or white and has just been recently separated from Tulipa biflora. 

We had lunch, collected our papers and moved on.  

Asragalus alyssoides?

Hedysarum cappadocicum


Verbascum phoeniceum (right)

Orobanche bungeana

Centaurea triumphettii


Onobrychis radiata

Iris urmiensis




Salvia kronenbrgii unopened on the left

Linum trinervium

Linum flavum

Centaurea vanensis


We found the centaureas on rocks by the side of the road with the linarias

Centaurea karduchorum   2044m

Linaria grandiflora   2032m

Iris urmiensis in bud

Iris urmiensis

Ian and Basak prospecting for Irises   2084m



Primula algida

Cardamine uliginosa

Stream in the damp meadow


Scrophularia ilwensis

Trollius ranunculinus


Power lines


17th Century Kurdish fortress at Hoșap above the Zernek Valley

An old ruined fortress and interesting jagged walls

It is a fossilised dinosaur's spine!

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