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We went to the Nemrut Crater - the ash covered slopes of Nemrut Daği an extinct volcano - which has a diameter of 7k, it looked magnificent from our viewpoint on the rim.


Rindera lanata

Alyssum sp.

Onosma bracteosum

We went down into the crater

Euphorbia macrocarpa a spectacular plant

Linum mucronatum

Iris caucasica

Globularia trichosantha





Fritillaria minuta


Ranunculus kochii

Fritillaria assyriaca


Semi-double Fritillaria minuta

Puschkinia scilloides

Puschkinia nemrut dagi

Fritillaria caucasica

Aspen thicket

Solenanthus stamineus

Japanese writing?

Euphorbia seguieriana

Iris caucasica

Speedwell and puffball

Viola occulta

Corydalis oppositifolia

Multi-headed Fritillaria minuta

Two more Iris caucasica

Snow patterns

Buff coloured moth on valeriana

Valeriana leucophaea

Lovely hairy Pulsatilla albana

Tortoise was not amused


Pamela enjoying a slide - her trousers soon dried off!

Location for merendera

Merendera trigyna in the snow melt

We went around the crater to a smaller lake where there could be snakes.   We saw a nose amongst the rocks, but the snake was too shy to come out and pose.   The snakes over-winter in the area protected by the rocks.







A snake skin (left) and a partly eaten snake (right)

Attractive rock


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