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We left the hotel for a trip round the south of the lake.

We visited a  dwarf oak woodland at Tugkoyn to see a peony on the land behind a dwelling; then on to the south shore of Lake Van with flowers in a damp woodland

Plants in a damp area

Roof access

Aethionema grandiflora

Dactlyorhiza umbrosa

Dactlyorhiza umbrosa







Paeonia mascula - note that beetles have eaten a section of the stamens

Greater Butterfly Orchid found in an oak wood

A spectacular ferula orientalis

More roof access

Small boy

Front door

The traffic was held up, so we checked the flora alongside the road and were rewarded.

Bee hawk-moth at roadside


Gundelia tournefortii

Cinnabars on plantain and forget me not


Trucks on their way to Iran

Praying Mantis

Trifolium physodes

Campanula glomerata

Female blue

Cephalanthera kotschyana

Basak and an aristolochia bottae

Picnic site under a walnut tree

Cephalanthera kotschyana

Orchis coriophora - the bug orchid

Bumble on yellow rattle



Well camouflaged spider



We drove on to the Merit Hotel


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