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Google map of Dogubeyazit under the button




Mount Ararat early in the morning 5137m high

Hotel and Margaret


We spent the day exploring the Tendurek Pass (2644 meters) between Dogubeyazit and Caldiran


Anemone narcissiflora

Anemone narcissiflora in the landscape

Anemone narcissiflora in flower above and in bud below

Scorzonera mollis

Monica and Ian

Arnebia pulchra

Gentiana verna

Androsace armeniaca

Mixture of Gagea and Puschkinia scilloides in the snowmelt

Puschkinia scilloides close-up below



Primula elatior subsp. pelasii

Pulsatilla albana

Fritillaria caucasica

Anemone narcissiflora in abundance on the slopes, Mount Ararat in the distance


Erysimum alpestre







Erodium absinthoides ssp. armenum

Campanula stevenii

Scutellaria orientalis


Salvia aethiopsis

Iris iberica elegantissima in habitat







Adonis wolgensis   2094m


Shepherd   2321m

Pedicularis caucasica



Ajuga chamaepitys

Aethionema eunomioides?

Ranunculus kochii

Fritillaria caucasica

Astragalus campylosema

Allium akaka   138m - must have been at the bottom of the hill or the GPS is wrong!

and below 2614m

Tulipa julia - a bit tatty, but the first one we saw   2560m






Aethionema villosa - the one above on a rock face that we climbed up to see the one on the right in the car park!

Flower strewn hillside

Samit the chai master and brilliant driver

The wolf


Astragalus aduncus

Astragalus angustiflorus

Nonea pulla   2560m


Onosma bracteosum

Caryophyllaceae Cerastium sp?

Wind was blowing with some force when we took this shot across the valley

We saw the burrows of the European suslik and caught the occasional glimpse, but they did not stop for a photo, so this is a picture from the web from EXPLOW HOME.   The URL is too large to include here.  


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