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Mountain in the early morning

Catak Valley


Iris paradoxa

Newly opened standards still together

Blue and brown versions

Moltkia caerulea


Convolvulus lineatus

This pair of iris saris were half way up the hill.   2170m

Prunus (cerasus) prostrata    2171m

Seed pod   2221m


Hedysarum?   2221m


Scutellaria orientalis   2248m  (wrongly named previously apologies)







Astragalus halicacabus

Peter had a problem and had to return to the Hotel before re-joining the group going on a cultural visit to some ruins.

Road to the mountains viewed from the iris location at 2246m




Different view of the 4th one below

Iris detail by George above

More variations of Iris Sari


Iris Sari in its many colour forms or possibly hybrid forms

The non-cultural group enjoyed a cultivated meadow full of insects with walnut trees along the river.  

Clover and yellow rattle   1838m

Black veined white


Fast moving stream

Very hairy caterpillar

Walnut tree

Walnut tree and meadow


Spider and his larder


Walnut tree and cow parsley

What big eyes on the left

Bee hawk-moth on Nepeta meyeri

Cerinthe minor

The aim at the next site was to see roosting insects.   We saw  more  Phelypaea tournefortii, a parasite on centaurea on a damp hillside.

Astragalus fragrans?

Dactylorhiza umbrosa








Phelypaea tournefortii

Papaver orientalis and a hollyhock were growing in amongst the other plants on the hillside. 

P. orientalis is a native of North Eastern Turkey and Iran so may be a native species and not a garden escape.   Hollyhocks could also be found in the area.

Gladiolus atroviolaceous

Peter went to Bendimahi and Van Kalesi pictures at http://pjspictures.me.uk/ 
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