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We spent the day at the Karabet Pass



Early morning from the hotel

Hesperis persica

Small daisy

Potentilla lignosa in situ on the left

Lamium garganicum ssp. nepetifolium

This beetle is pretty fuzzy even at this size, but what a colour!

Emptying the mini-buses

Sheila taking a picture of the puschkinias some were scilloides and some were a new species which should be called karabet


Ian saw two eagles gripping talons. but they fell out of sight and did not reappear.

Ranunculus polunini



Rock garden with tulipa armena

Tulipa armena

Large purple leaf


Tulipa humilis

Visibility improved

Tulipa humilis

Stone pavement filled with flowers

Fritillaria crassifolia

Tulipa humilis

Tulipa humilis

Fritillaria crassifolia


Rock pavemant garden

Fritillaria crassifolia

Iris caucasica


Fritillaria crassifolia

The pass was majestic - wonderfully dramatic scenery.   The loos were a very good idea as there were no bushes to be seen, but unfortunately not in working order

Mosque and loos

Merendera kurdica variations

Fritillaria minuta

Corydalis oppositifolia

Fritillaria minima


Merendera kurdica

a glamour puss, so many variations and each one more beautiful than the last...   We climbed up the hillside to see them.


Fritillaria minima

We looked around a village with a variety of dwellings

Older style house

Des res


Local lads


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