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Venice friday 15th april
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Walked around the Arsenale area taking pictures and looked for the public loos which are particularly well hidden.   At a cost of €1.50, they discourage use, if they were located more obviously, they would have more customers and make more money and could put down the cost to individuals.  

Gondoliers getting ready

The Greek Consulate

Another St George

Not quite as bad as Pisa

The Arsenal

Vivaldi was baptised in this church in March 1678

Assorted totems

Very narrow!

How I love these Jewish characters in glass from Murano

It's hard work...

Panoramas on the Grand Canal - they enlarge if you click on them

We tried ice creams which were too sweet and a roll with uncooked bacon, mozzarella and lettuce.   The roll was brown so that was better.   My cold is stopping me from enjoying the food, though that does not entirely excuse the food...   We had a short stop at the hotel then went out over the Rialto Bridge;  through the market where some seagulls were scrapping over discarded bits of fish.   We had coffee €4 each!!! 

Look at the chimney pots!

The house on the left is on the opposite bank to the Calle dei Boteri San Polo where there is a good Chinese Restaurant called Giardino di Giada (means Jade Garden)

Roman roof tiles


Covered well

Campo San Polo panorama

Welcome shade Campo San Polo

Poor old eroded lion

Scuola Grande San Rocco.  

Magnificent floors, ceilings and carvings, very large main salle

Ante room

Fabulous room

San Nicola Church in the Campo dei Tolentini


We relaxed in the Giardino Papadopoli near the Bus Station.   It was restorative to see some mature trees in new leaf.  

Pietro Paleocapa

Modern wooden bridge

Fondamenta dei Tolentini


I was tired after a lot of walking and had a rest before we went out to supper at the same restaurant as yesterday.   Peter had veal with chips and I had lasagne with a mixed salad, not wonderful, but tolerable.   There were no potatoes apart from chips on the menu:  the dream is now a vegetable curry with potatoes…


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