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Venice thursday 14th april
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Breakfast was OK, though bread still poor.   We went out, but it started to rain so returned and changed some clothing. 

From the hotel

From the first bridge, rubbish barge on the left

Bags of rubbish are put out early every morning all over Venice.   They are collected in carts and taken to a canal then lowered into a barge by way of a crane.   → 

Very narrow alley

Lenten masks

Gondolier with umbrella and wet paving

Venetian flag

Pretty colours

Still wet

The Venetian Lion

The dragon with the umbrellas was a very useful as a landmark to get us back to our hotel

Grand Canal

Don't know what this is

There are lots of dogs in Venice, but mostly toys;  this is an exception!!


A bit grim



Took pictures and the weather improved, by lunch time the sun was out.   Had another boring meal, this time pizzas, I shall be dreaming of vegetables and wholemeal bread…   However the coffee was good.

Roof garden

Love the colours

African tree in a coffee cup

Pigeons  enjoy drinking and bathing in the fountain

Grand Canal

Window we sat in for yesterday's meal

Olde Venetians

Ubiquitous St George

St Mark's Basilica

Doge's Palace

Walked around St Mark’s Square with the hordes and took all the usual touristy pictures.

I'm in St Mark's Square!

Traditional view

More dragons get battered

Golden Staircase

24 hour clock

Doge Leonardo Loredan

Visited the Doge’s Palace.   Rooms with frescos and ceiling paintings, mostly about Doges…   There were interesting arms including a multi-barrelled musket;  a picture of Venetians beating the Turks and some very basic dungeons.

Probably a cell for a dozen not the implied two

We had food in the restaurant that is partially under this hotel, but not accessible directly.   Peter tried Risotto con frutti di mare and I had an enormous chicken salad.   Peter had a glass of Merlot, everything was acceptable as was the coffee.   We listened to Radio 4 intermittently due to inadequate wifi performance.


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