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venice sunday 17th april
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We found an Indian restaurant, called Gannesh Ji on Peter's Kindle so we are going there for his birthday meal.  

Cool early morning

Massive structure

The Rialto Bridge under repair

View from the bridge

Steps down to the Rialto Market

The colonnades behind the market

Everything is delivered by boat and handcart

Roof garden

Birthday boy and friend

St George again - Campiella de l'Anconeta

Peter had a birthday apple cake from an up-market shop with good coffee.   A tiny shop with no tables for customers;  people stood where they could.  Many outlets are very small and have very few  facilities for customers - no seating, no toilets.

Israeli Guest House


Askenazi v Sephardi

 There was a Jewish Museum and a Synagogue and a display of the glass figures unfortunately too expensive.


The Studio in Venice

Plaque to those who died in the war

Bet Midrash Luzzatto

Antique Shop

Gheto Vechio

Old and New

Grand Canal



Local Artist

Fondamenta del Rio Marino dei Garzoti - this channel was excavated by hand by a man named Marino Dandolo.

We had lunch in the Indian restaurant Ganesh Ji;  lamb rogan josh for PJ and chicken vindaloo for me, neither was very hot, but very good to have a tasty meal and I had a piece of potato in mine...   Peter had lager, but cider has not penetrated the area yet.


Bulging wall

The Gulls were threatening picnickers in the Fish Market

We came home for a rest after lunch.   
Went out in better light to take pictures across the Accadamia Bridge

Potential Pile-up

The Opera House

Limoncello liquer

Double basses

Museo della Musica Instruments in the former Church of San Maurizio

The Beatles

Nicolo Tommaseo

Accadamia Bridge - steel supports under the wood

Joseph Klibasky Self-Portrait of a Dreamer
Joseph Klibasky Self-Portrait of a Dreamer

Self Portrait of a Dreamer - Joseph Klibansky

View from the bridge


St George again

Equilibrio Ionico by Joseph Klibansky 2015 It's Miffy!

Camellia in the garden at Palazzo Franchetti

Orange fringed tulip

These gents were in a shop for Gays dedicated to spreading knowledge of HIV & AIDS

Natty dressers


We had a meal at the Osteria No. 1;  Peter had lasagne and I had vegetable soup.   We had a bottle of Valpolicella to celebrate the birthday.



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