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Venice saturday 16th april
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Heard a mosquito in the night so the blue lamp is plugged in and possibly working, though too late for Peter who has some itchy bites.   We are wearing clean shirts, the light is dim in the room so PJ can’t tell the colour of his trousers.

We stopped in St Mark's Square before catching the boat.  

If you intend to use the Waterbuses a return ticket from the airport is cheaper than two singles and a go anywhere day ticket costs €20, a two day one €30 and a three day one €40.

Rather a doggy lion

Nice young lads

Love the pink glass


Mussels on the chain

Caught a Waterbus to Murano (No. 7 the direct route) and walked round the town taking in the Museum of Glass which contained some very beautiful pieces very well presented.   The lighting was particularly good especially on the delicate pieces.   We had a toasted sandwich / brown bun with seeds on the top with cheese and raw bacon.    All but the bacon was fine.  


Glass Museum


Fine Door down on its luck


Part of a War Memorial

Oxalis articulata

Garden area in the Glass Museum

Wooden ceiling

Exhibits in the Glass Museum


Antonio dei Rossi - Pettirosso

Tete a Tete


I love this one

Blown crystal decorated with gold leaf and refunded enamels - Venice end of XV Century first quarter of the XVI Century.   →

Chalcedony Glass of XIX Century

Glass beads

Large vase on a foot in blown glass of poly-chrome enamels and 'avventurina' on base of milk glass covered in crystal.

Venice Salviati & Co 1866 - 1872

Gallo - Rooster made of crystal and ruby glass, composed by glass elements clamp modelled and joined to a structure of wood and metal.   Venice - Toso Bros.? last quarter of the XIX Century

Stem glass with spiral shank →

Barovier artists 1898

Possibly stylized fishes

Canticchiare / Hum

Vase composed of bands of fibre of coloured glass, thermo-formed

Toots Zynsky 2002


An installation

Modern designs

One for Matthew

Lion on a bridge

A glass monkey?

We saw our first cat, who was trying to inveigle his way into a house;  probably not his own as several people rejected him.

Washing and shadows

Cercis siliquastrum - Judas tree

Plane tree

We had an ice cream and a coffee, before catching the waterbus back to Zaccaria.

In the afternoon

We found details of Chinese restaurants on the internet and visited the nearest one.   It did not have the same range as  a UK one, but a nice change from Venetian food.   I am still dreaming about vegetables.

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