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Venice tuesday 19th april
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 Bought wholemeal rolls again from the CO-OP and pecarino for lunch PJ took the Marmite too.   We also got a couple of bottles for John.   There was not much choice.   Set off for the Palazzo Franchetti and looked round an exhibition.   We went to the National Gallery, but decided it was too expensive for the special exhibition, the old masters were not on view today.

Balloons and clowns

Limoncello bottles again

Glass from Murano in St Mark's Square

San Maria del Giglio - St Mary of the Lily

Taken with a 18mm lens, no room to step back

Palazzo Franchetti behind the trees on the left

 Rosa odorata 'mutabilis' in the garden at Palazzo Franchetti

Foyer Palazzo Franchetti

Interesting pattern using the same shaped pieces

Self Portrait of a Dreamer - Joseph Klibansky



Golden Evolution Life

Golden Evolution death

Reflections of Truth

Elements of Desire

Beautiful Tomorrow

Painted ceiling

Marco Polo

San Maria della Salute

Walked to the beak of Dorsodura, then snapped around;  nice, but nothing special.

Classic simplicity

 Had a coffee looking at these trees

Church of the Holy Ghost




Probably only in his thirties...

We ate our lunch sitting on the edge of a church forecourt.

Blue and white poles are found in front of palaces


A dragon no St George

We came back to the room to rest my back and neck, very little sleep last night.    PJ’s still going strong.  

Had another walk around Castello and filled in some of the gaps.    

Leopard / Weasel / What

Reflections in a coffee pot

Under a bridge

These wonderful figures again   http://www.davidshop.com/c/49/Murano_glass_figurine.html

Dough boys

We had supper at Osteria 1.   Peter had pork and mushrooms and I had Bean soup with spinach as the Venetian liver dish was off the menu…  

Came home and packed.

Venice wednesday 20th april

We bought some lunch from the CO-OP first thing and left the hotel at 11.00 to go to St Mark's Square to buy a ticket to the Airport.  

Private bridge to select home

Three Bridges

St Mark's

We took the first Waterbus available to the Airport and had lunch sitting on a wall at the quay.   We had a good flight and enjoyed seeing the Alps.   Very little green though until we got to Sussex., France had trees, but not much grass.  We missed the first possible train as we missed a platform alteration, but arrived home in good time taking a taxi from the station.   The cats were a bit huffy, but they soon recovered.  


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