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crete again 3

Logger of the trip and below gps at the tombs




Peter was in charge of breakfast and coped. 

We waited at the bin stop for the coach which will take us to Vrysses for shopping and coffee

Our front door

In our garden

View of the mountains from the bin stop


Giant fennel

The river at Vrysses

 We went to Vrieses and had coffee and took a few photos around the town.


Men hanging out, most of the women were working...

Kri-kri outside the café

The owner came over to receive admiration for his cat

around Vrysses

More men chewing the fat!

Wonky lamp



Pity about the pillar!

A broad based cat.   The policy in Crete is to neuter feral cats to cut down on strays

On to the flower-rich Minoan tomb site at Armenoi

The information in the centre is enlargeable just click on it below

Querkus aegilops

Oxalis pes-caprae

Barlia robertiana

Orchis italica

Orchis italica

Ophrys scolopax

Lupinus albus ssp graecus


Smyrnium rotundifolium

Barlia robertiana

Ophrys tenthredinifera

Ophrys phryganae

Small copper

Gladiolus italicus

We had our lunch under the trees

Ophrys scolopax

Ophrys tenthredinifera


Peter going down the slope to a slot tomb

Tombs in the rock;  chambers for the body at the back

We seem to find a marmalade cat with a white front wherever we go
After lunch we went to Georgioupoli, a seaside town with a small port.   We enjoyed the sea and the  sand dunes and an ice cream

Silene colorata

Medicago maritima

Pancratium maritinum- sea daffodil flowers in autumn see below

Photographer on the right hand side

gps photographic sites at Georgioupoli

Some of the gang

She was there!

Matthiola tricuspidata

Orobanche ramosa

Rumex bucephalophorus

A completely prostrate echium plantagineum

A robust gynandiris sisyrinchium

Motor boats - the harbour Georgioupoli

The River from the bridge



Garden centre


Pots and statues

Is it a goal post?

I've got my eye on you

Beer and Coke

We watched garganeys, coots and egrets on Almivos Potamos

Spartium junceum

Arum concinatum

We visited the village of Maza, with its tiny but beautifully frescoed Byzantine church.   We admired a still and had the evening meal at the local taverna.   There was an enchanting puppy and the regulation cats.  

We were entertained by some Greek dancers, Yanni joined in and showed them how to do it.   I failed to get any pictures.   We slept in the coach on the way home;  thank you Yanni.

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