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crete again 4

gps in Aptera, it enlarges about 4 times.   The logger did not record the full walk

A free day!!   Peter had a larger breakfast:  the red wine last night was not as innocuous as the white!   Still cold indoors, went out to the shop and bought food for today and tomorrow’s lunches.   Walked out to Artemis where a dog attached himself to us and then towards Angeliki, but could not find a direct way through.   Saw an old lady collecting snails and were barked at by a dog at almost every house; our dog went home.   Photographed a magnificent Dracuncularis vulgaris and met Sue in her minibus.   Had an ice cream and came home for tea.   Walked up towards Aptera and saw one of my favourite photos in an unfavourable light, must go back tomorrow morning.   There were lots of cats at the 'Cat woman's' house, but no ‘Baby’.



Helicopter landing ship

Zantedeschia has spread to the wild

Towards Aptera and more giant fennels below

By the road

Bryonia cretica - White bryony

Araucaria heterophylla Norfolk Island Pine

Oxalis pes-caprae looking its best - small and sweet

Down to the sea

Massive olive tree

Another cat!

Nicotiana glauca -Tree tobacco

On guard


The dog at the back took us round, the one in the front was very antsy

Enormous Fennel

Dracunculus vulgaris

We went home for lunch

Cave with boulder door

Government shack

Sedum rubens

Prasium majus

The Angeliki cockerel

Another cat

The Angeliki flock

In 2009 my favourite house, now a bit sad


Cats belonging to a 'cat' lady

The Appartments

The white mountains

Sweet cat

Typical Cretan house

Aptera information

Pure Crete celebration of 25 years of the Crete in Bloom holidays tonight at the tavern, good food and Greek dancing.
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